"Why don’t you have a boyfriend?"


2 thoughts on “"Why don’t you have a boyfriend?"

  1. Oh Heather. I am the same way – but I am 5 years later in the same place that you are now (if you don’t count that ‘fling’ — or whatever you would like to classify it as — that I had last year). Maybe I am a hopeless romantic, just waiting for that ‘right person’ — or my life is so completely caught up in Disney movies that I think that love should be that same way. I hear ya however, and we’ll hold hands, swing are our arms back and forth and eventually get through this together … although sometimes I wonder if I ever want to.xoK

  2. So it is ironic, I find, that this blog is similar to a converation I had recently with one Brian Baskerville and one Jeremy Fugleberg. In fact, you were sitting not too far away when it took place. In addition, I started writing a blog with a similar theme, but got distracted and haven’t finished it yet. I guess you are a couple of steps ahead of The Kimmes. DAMN!

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