A year later


One thought on “A year later

  1. well i just remembered that i hadn’t read the blog in a long while, and i have always known that you didn’t hate Idaho, if you did you wouldn’t have gone back to visit it. You had a great opportunity in Brookings and you took it – you decided on your own. Deep down inside, I know that god wanted you to come back, be close to that family, next to those few close friends that are still around and the South Dakota life that you were born in and raised to love. I think that it was known that I might not have come back if it were not for you – we both went through a decision time in January – I’m glad we both chose Brookings (you coming back, me deciding to stay.. once again). I don’t know what you think, but it has made life in Brookings much easier. Miss ya girly. xoxo

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