I still have roughly seven weeks before I leave for Niger, but I learned my first lesson about Peace today – not everyone wants it.

For some, killing and arguing is more important than problem solving and handshakes. For some, peace is an ugly word. It stands for understanding and compromise, and sometimes, we aren’t willing to back down.

Tonight, for the first time, I was nervous to mention my new appointment, the one that usually makes me giddy. Some people don’t see it as a positive thing for our world, rather they lump me into a stereotype.

I am going to Niger because I want to do something good, even if it is barely noticable. I believe in helping at home, and I plan to do that after my service, but, for now, I need to be somewhere else.

Not everyone wants my help and they don’t see a need for me to be there, but I do. I want to promote peace and humanity. And I am going to try really hard to understand that some people just don’t feel the way I do.


One thought on “Peace

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