Two weeks

Two weeks from today, I will be boarding a flight from Philadelphia to Niamey, Niger.

In two weeks, I’ll leave United States soil and Western luxuries such as cold water, indoor plumbing and understanding of the language around. In two weeks, all that I know will be thrown out the door.

Two weeks from today a dream will be realized. The one that put me to sleep as I cried about circumstances I couldn’t change. The goal, the fantasy that helped me outlast an obstacle or frustration will no longer be a dream. I am not sure if I will be able to comprehend its reality until I step off the plane.

July 7th is a big day, but Sept. 23, three months from today, will come with more importance. That is the day that I will, hopefully and if all goes as planned, be sworn in as Peace Corps Volunteer. It’s my tendency to romanticize what that day will be like or worry that it may not come at all, but I can’t let myself analyze it. It’s my utmost goal to embrace this experience day by day, including each day with my family and friends in the next two weeks.

Today, I was running and heard “Two weeks” by Grizzly Bear. My first thought was not where I will be in two weeks, but that this song loomed in my head my final days at the Foundation. It’s the only song I wanted to hear as I packed up two years worth of desk clutter. It’s the only song that seemed appropriate.

Today, the song is still appropriate, but two weeks is still far enough away from me to soak up each moment of this American life.


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