Letting go

It’s hard to let go. It’s hard to let someone else make decisions, determine the direction and be in charge of my baby. It’s hard not to be apart of its future and let other hands, hands unfamiliar to its birth and growing pains, take the reigns.

It hurts to let things be when I would change them within seconds. It hurts to be phased out.

For a year, this has been me. When you criticized it, you criticized me. When you ignored it and put it at the bottom of your priorities, you ignored me and put me at the bottom of your priorities. When you praised it, you praised me. When you gave you all for it, you gave your all to me. However you treated it, you treated me.

Those that know and love me, realize that my life is headed in a good direction, one in which I will be happier. I know it will be in good hands, but letting go stings. It’s hard to say goodbye.


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