Leaving Sioux Falls

It’s a quarter past 5 p.m. Saturday evening and downtown Sioux Falls is unusually quiet. Thick blue clouds loom over the city, threatening rain and thunder. I am tucked away in one of my favorite coffee shops, sinking into a tan leather couch and soaking up the 80s music and soft glow of the hanging stained glass lamps. This little shop, which shares the name of the owner and a Beatles song, is one of my favorite places in town. Sure, some shops have a better brew, but this eclectic environment — with local art on one side and tree branches on the other — is incomparable.

Tonight is my last night in Sioux Falls and I’m finding it very difficult not to reminisce about my time here. So many happenings were jammed into the 11 months that I lived in this city that I felt like I was here for years. I cried a lot, laughed more than necessary and realized a few important things about myself. It was a difficult year, but I wouldn’t revise it any way.

One of primary reasons for moving here was my friends. Several of them had relocated here, so I to made the move south. In doing so, I fell into a creative community, one thriving off a local music and art. I met so many people with big dreams and every intention of living those dreams out here in the Queen City. I met passionate people who insistent on creating a beautiful city. And, through my old friends and new friends, I developed a deep appreciation for this city and state.

It’s time to say goodbye to those people and this place, but only for a short while. I will come back and see these faces again, but I know that the energy and attitude won’t be exactly the same. This place was right for me at this point in my life. It’s where I needed to be and what I needed to do to prepare myself for the journey ahead. I’m just lucky that it came with some really remarkable people.

Sioux Falls, thank you.


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