What I’ll miss

Things I am going to miss in Niger (well, in addition to my friends and family of course):

–    Trashy MTV shows — I only watch two shows religiously (“The Office” and “How I Met Your Mother”) but these shows are fun to watch randomly. A new season of “Real World” started and I could totally see myself spending a day watching a marathon of this season in a few months. Oh, well, at least “The Hills” will be preserved on DVD format for me to consume on a rainy day in 2012.

–    Wearing contacts — The Peace Corps doesn’t recommend volunteers to wear contacts while they serve. The environment doesn’t support them and it’s hard to find solution. Also, if I get an infection, there is not an optometrist. I’ve worn contacts since I was 13 and may have a hard time adjusting.

–    Giving up my cell phone number — I will have a phone in Africa, but I have to give up my American number, which I’ve had since I was 15. I can’t imagine having another number.

–    My comfy bed — I am still not sure about my sleeping arrangements, but I bet it doesn’t involve a queen-sized bed and fluffy comforter.

–    Cold water — Ice water is usually not on the menu in Africa.

–    NPR — One of the benefits of commuting was mornings with NPR. I hope to buy a radio in Niger so I can tune into BBC, but I’ll miss the local stories. Also, I really hope I can get enough Internet access to download “This American Life” podcasts. I don’t know if I can survive two years without Ira.

This is sort of a dumb list because all that I encounter will out weigh these things. But still, it’s weird to know that the routine things will soon become luxuries.


3 thoughts on “What I’ll miss

  1. I like how you look in your new glasses, I meant to comment you on them yesterday. Also, If you want to, I’ll download “This American Life” and write synopsis’ of them for you – or just figure out a way to get them to you – maybe this is a job for someone a little more tech savvy then myself.
    But think of things this way – warmer water is easier for the body to handle, therefore, you’ll be able to get an adequate amount of fluids daily by drinking warmer and not colder water 🙂

  2. Kieara, you are adorable. I am gonna have to find a way to get TAL one way or another. And, thanks for the tip on the warm water, that really does make me feel better.

    Ali, my obsession with Ira is a bit out of hand, but I really enjoy him. I’ve seen Season 1, but I may have to get the box set.

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