I am a trainee!

Today, I was officially promoted from Peace Corps Invitee to Peace Corps Trainee! It’s pretty darn exciting, and let’s hope that the next step is Peace Corps Volunteer.

It’s been a crazy day full of information and introductions. We learned several things about the Peace Corps’ expectations for us and what we should expect from our experience. I met many of the other volunteers and swapped application and life stories. It’s pretty incredible to know that every single person I am going with is experiencing the same emotions that I am. We are all on the same level and that is reassuring.

Other volunteers recommended making your last meal in America a good one so my dinner group went for pizza and beers at an Italian restaurant on Market Street. We followed it up with gelato and a nice walk back to the hotel. I Skyped my mom and two of dear friends and now plan to enjoy one last evening in a comfortable bed.

Tomorrow, we make the nearly 22-hour journey to Niamey. It’s been a long time coming, but I am ready.

It will be awhile before I update, but please write if you can. Take care and I’ll see you in Niger.

Peace and blessings.


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