7/27/2010 Letter from Heather

We recieved a letter from Heather today so I thought I would share some excerpts from it.
“I’m well. We returned to Hamdey now and I’m just enjoying the cool breeze we have.
Our Deymst weekend was really wonderful. Rachel was so sweet to us, cooking us American and Nigerien food and answering all of our questions. And it was really incredible to talk to you guys. It made me so happy.
We left Rachel’s early Monday morning, We took a bush taxi to a town several hours away to catch a bus. The taxi was quite the experience and an essential one at that since it’s how we’ll have to travel. We crammed into the back of a truck with serveral other other people and some goats and chickens. We made it to the town a little hot, since the sun was glaring down, but safe. From there we took a bus to Dosso, the regional capitol of Dosso where we were. We spent the night at the hostel with other trainees and volunteers. We lounged around reading magazines and watching movies. We then went to a school to use the internet. It was nice to check up on a couple things, but it made me sad. I was a bit homesick and I didn’t have as many e-mails as I though I would have. But it was nice that I could wish Dad a happy birthday. After the internet the volunteers made us a really great dinner. We had a fun dance party and were able to relax a bit, meaning we got to wear tank tops and shorts šŸ™‚
This morning , the volunteers made us breakfast and sent us to Niamey. In Niamey we hung out at the Peace Corps bureau, check internet again and went out to a fabulous lunch that included fries, pizza, and a chocolate milk shake. It was lovely.
Tomorrow we have a core day, meaning we all get to be in “America” together. After that it is back to our regular schedule, but this is a short week.
After this past weekend my reasons for coming here were solidified and I know I’m meant to be here. Still I’m the most homesick I’ve been since arriving. Oh well, I’m sure both of those feelings will come and go over the next two years.”

She spoke about getting a phone and we know now that she has one. She loves getting phone calls so if your interested e-mail me and I will tell you how you can call her. Thank goodness for cell phones so I can hear her voice.
We spoke on Tuesday after she found out where she will be living. She sounded very excited about her assignment.
Hopefully she will be able to post here again soon. Please continue to write her, e-mail her and keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Your support is essential to her success in Niger.


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