So I know that it has been a long time since either Heather or I have posted an update on here. Sorry for the absence but Heather has not had internet access and it has been a busy few weeks for me with the start of school.
     The last update talked about the terrorist threat that was preventing Heather from visiting her village. Let me first correct something that I mentioned in that post. The official term used to describe the phase of alert that they were in was called a stand fast not a step back that I wrote. Sorry about telling you the wrong thing.
     The stand fast was lifted the following Monday (August 16) and PCV’s were again allowed to travel. Because they were scheduled to begin their language immersion on Wednesday the decision was made to cancel the village visits because of lack of time. On Wednesday they headed to the villages where they would be staying in during their language immersion. She said it was a long day of travel, leaving at 4:00 in the morning and not arriving until evening. There were some instances of some lost luggage but thankfully none of hers.
     For the past two weeks Heather has been speaking nothing but French (except during phone calls from family.) While she thinks her language skills have improved, she is still very concerned about the proficiency test that she will take tomorrow. Her score on that test will determine if she spends the next two weeks continuing to study French or Hulsa which is the dialect she will speak in her village. Please keep her in your prayers especially tomorrow during her test.
     We have kind of settled into a routine where we call Heather every Sunday evening her time (mid afternoon for us.) While it is a blessing to be able to talk to her, it is also sometimes very hard. Hearing her voice reminds me of the miles that are between us and how long it will be before we get to see her again.
     With that said, our last phone call with her was great. She seemed very upbeat, probably the most upbeat she has been since we have been able to call her. I think she was looking forward to getting back to the training facility and the rest of the PCV’s. They were traveling back there yesterday so by today I assume she is there. Next week they will begin the next two weeks of language and then are looking forward to their swearing in which takes place later this month. Once they are sworn in then they will travel to their villages and start settling in to the daily routine of being a PCV. She is really looking forward to going to her village and seeing her new home. As a parent what we want most for our children is for them to be happy and right now I believe she is happy where life has taken her right now.
     One other thing she told me was that she had about 6 blog post to put on here as soon as she gets internet access again…. just a little something to look forward too.
     Thank you again for your continued support and I will try and do better of updating for her.


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