Do you remember me?


Hello all my dear family and friends,I finally have some online time and hope to upload a few blog posts from the last few weeks. It’s utter insanity that tomorrow is Labor Day. I still think of America in July.

The last weeks have been very busy as I have been out in the Mardi region for language immersion. I spent two weeks running my daily life in mostly French. It was also a great chance for me to meet more Nigerien’s and see more of this country. However, it was great to get back to training and see the other trainees again.

We have about three weeks left till we swear in and move out to our new sites. I am so excited to get out to Zinder and start learning more about my village. Although many trainees met their supervisors, mine was unable to come and I still know a little about my village. But my program director, who is a saint and always know what to say to me, tells me they are so excited to meet me. Training has been great, but I am ready to get to work.

Otherwise, life is good. I am healthy (for today) and going along fine. I did return from immersion with a stack full of letters, which I promise to write back as soon as I can. Our standfast was lifted and things are incredibly safe and sound in Niger. Nigeriens are wonderful people and tend to be protective of Americans, especially those that live in their village and know the language.

I was hoping to post a video for you all, but I don’t think I have the Internet power for that. I may try to post photos, but you may have to wait until I send a jump drive home and my mom can do it.

Anyway, there should be a post every few days, or week, for a while since I have written a lot in the last few weeks. If there is anything you want to know, please feel free to post a question here or email me at But, if you really want to talk tome, those aren’t reliable means of communication, so you should call or write. Thanks for all of those who have written and sent me packages.

I miss you all terribly, but do love life here.




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