New Address

Heather called me yesterday.  After two months of not hearing it, it was weird to hear her ringtone come out of my phone.  It was just very brief as she had told me that if she needed to speak to me she would just “flash” my phone, meaning she would call me and once it started ringing she would hang up and I would call her back, since it is much cheaper for me to call her. 

The reason for the call was to give me the new address to send mail to her in her new village.  Because she will be going there in just over 2 1/2 weeks she asked that we start using that address now and quit using the address in Niamey.

So for all of those interested her address is below.  Please continue to write, as letters from home will be even more important when she seperates from the rest of the volunteers and heads out to village alone.  Oh and one more thing, if you are sending a package it doesn’t hurt to put religious symbols and even put SR. in front of her name.  Packages are less likely to be tampered with religious items on them.

Thanks everyone for the prayers, love and support you have shown Heather.  It means more than you know.

Here is the address:

Heather Mangan, PCV

Corps de la Paix

B.P.  641

Zinder, Niger

Discsuss, please

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