My favorite parts of Niger (so far)

Aug. 17

My favorite parts of Niger in the first two months

–          The endless sea of stars

–          When some I just met grabs my hand to tell me I am know their friend

–          Men hold hands and no says a thing

–          The incredibly boisterous, energetic sound the kids make on their way home after playing football at the school yard

–          Tea time

–          The way my family switches between French, Hausa and Zarma as if it’s all one language

–          Buying a baguette every morning for breakfast

–          The incredible sunsets

–          Bucket baths in the morning

–          Sleeping outside

–          Nigeriens constant generosity

–          The elevated joy that comes from my favorite things, such as writing and listening to music

–          Letters from home

–          Finding cold water in the water cooler

–          Going days without looking in a mirror as my perception of beauty changes

–          Wearing skirts everyday

–          Having a successful conversation in French

–          Nigerien proverbs, such as “To live in the world requires patience.”

–          Teaching my host sister to hug


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