What I miss and What I don’t

August 23, 2010

The following is an entry from journal.

What I miss about everyday life in the US:

– Grocery shopping at nights

– Watching “The Office” and “3rd Rock” online Saturday mornings

– Monday morning commutes with Ira, I-29 and Cherry Bean Coffee

– New music –

Wearing contacts on a daily basis

– Ice water in glass cups


– Hiding out in a coffee shop

– The following eateries: Sanaa’s, Pickle Barrel, Jimmy John’s, Michelle’s, Queen City Bakery, Monks, Cottonwood, O’Hares, Taste of India (I know many Sioux Falls residents miss this one too) and anything that serves Mexican and pizza.

– My studio apartment and queen-sized bed

– The ability to access news on a daily basis

– Being able to Google something (honestly, life turns upside down when you actually have to find another mean to get information.)

– Lights of Downtown Sioux Falls

– Attending art functions

– Live music

– Sunday morning mass

– Being able to see my friends and family whenever I want

What I don’t miss:

– Driving

– My BlackBerry

– Being constantly connected

– Jeans

– Shaving my legs

– Showers


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