Swear-in week

Sannu, my lovies,

This week is it. This week is swear-in.

Last week, we wrapped up language classes and training and also moved to training site, ending our stay with our host families with a party (post about that to come.) We took our last assessment and will take our final language exam tomorrow. Pre-service training is practically over.

On Thursday, Peace Corps Niger will have 31 new volunteers, myself being one of them. Then, on Saturday we depart for our regions and will most likely be at our assigned posts by Monday.

In some ways, I can’t believe it’s over and, in others, I am desperately excited to get in village and start working. (Although, we are technically not allowed to do any projects the first three months at site. Our main job is to integrate.)

The last few weeks of training have been exhausting. After failing my LPI, French class became a burden and a reminder how much I struggle with this language. In our technical sessions – dedicated to information about our specific sectors – my anxieties of living and working in village deepen. And my usual annoyances were stronger and more irritating in these final days.

Yet, only a week separates me and the hardest part of Peace Corps, the first month in village. But I have seven days to pretend it doesn’t exist, which I plan to do in order to enjoy this week.

We’ve been told that a large majority of our sister-stag (stag, pronounced st-ahg, means training) will be here to welcome us into volunteer-hood. Also, there will be tons of yummy food and celebration. It should be a fantastic week.

I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts over the last few weeks. These posts are timed, I am not actually online that much. Once I am in vil, I’ll only have Internet once a month, so I hope to continue to schedule posts out for the entire month so you’ll have something to read and a reason to continue to visit this blog (Hey, I was an editor of an online magazine and driven by constant, fresh new content.) So, some of these posts maybe old, but their meanings are still strong.

As you may have noticed, I have a new address, so please send all correspondence there. Again, Internet time is limited so if you want me to respond in a timely manner, please call or write me.

To all those that have written or sent packages, I love you. You keep me happy each day.

I think we’ll have random spouts of Internet this week, so I’ll update more as I can. And, on Thursday, know I’ll be one happy volunteer.


One thought on “Swear-in week

  1. Congratulations on your success and upcoming swearing in! What an accomplishment for you. Enjoy this week and savor each moment, then have those memories to boost your spirits when you are alone in your village and need a happy thought! I look forward to meeting you once my husband and I get to Niger. Hope that happens! We are really interested in the language issue as we are working on Hausa now but fear we may have to start over with French! We have been given several bits of advice about which language to learn. Are you to teach? or what will be your work? Sounds like you are on your way to being an awesome addition to the Peace Corps volunteer group! Congratulations again!

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