She Made It!

Today was the big day! At about 6:30 her time, Heather left the capital of her region to travel to her village. She called just a few minutes ago to let me know that she had arrived safely. She says the people in the village were very excited to see her and that she has had a group of children following her around since she got there. Her house is very nice and she has a great outdoor area with a nice shade area. The one bad thing is that the cellphone reception in her village is very poor and she has to search to find spots where she gets service. Unfortunatly there is none at her home so when we spoke this morning she was standing in the middle of a field talking to me. What a sight that must have been, an american girl standing in a field talking on a phone, oh if only we could get a picture of that. It gave her dad a good laugh.

This next month will be a tough one for her in that she can not leave her village and will not have internet access. Please continue to keep her in your prayers, especially this first month. This may be the toughest she has faced so far in Niger.

Discsuss, please

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