A new dress

Eating and shopping are coping mechanisms and I have done quite a bit of both the last few days. I haven’t bought too many clothes since arriving here, but I splurged and bought two dresses yesterday.

This is one of them. It’s a Toureg dress. The Touregs come from the Agadez region, which is in the north. We live in Hausa regions and most of my villagers are Hausa. U.S. citizens are strongly discouraged from going to Agadez because of heavy conflict and Peace Corps Volunteers are forbidden from visiting there. A friend of mine grew up there and he said it’s very dangerous for Nigeriens too. It’s unfortunate we can’t go there because some of Niger’s prettiest points are in Agadez, including the Sahara Desert.

Still, I they’ve got great clothes that I can wear in this part of the country.


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