A poster and a video

This is a poster I made for a gift for a few of our training staff. One of my stagmates asked me to design a little collage (my stagmates have this crazy idea that I’m creative and a talented writer) and I thought it would be fun to spend some time with InDesign. It didn’t turn out the way I wanted, but the recipients really liked it. All the photos of training came from different members of our stag and Lisa had the kokery (effort) to find a print place in Nimaey to produce it.  Anyway, thought my readers would like to see it.

A former volunteer from Zinder made this video about life here. I’d thought I’d share it so that you can better understand what I see and do every day. I hope to make one of these myself, if I can get a video camera.

Tomorrow, I am headed back to Zinder. Most of my team left today, but one needed to stay behind an extra day so I am taking the grueling bus ride back with her. Then it’s back to my village. I am eager to get back and spend more time in my schools and making friends.

In sha la (God willing), I’ll be able to post more stories from the first month at the end of October. Till then, keep writing.



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