A petite update

Sannuku, my loves,

Greetings to you on this November day as I am still in disbelief that it is November. I am in Zinder for my one-month in celebration but will return to my village for month number two tomorrow.

It’s been a wonderful five days of great food, dancing, movies and company. It has been a bit emotional as I reconnect to life at home with the Internet and still adjust to the absence of one on our team. But it was welcomed, needed break.

Throughout this first month, I wrote in my journal daily and sometimes two to three times and have spent time in the last few days moving some of those entries to my computer. I have updated my blog with an entry per day for the rest of November because I love my readers so. The date the entry was written is at the beginning so you can follow my time line. There will be a gap in the sequence in mid-October when I was in Niamey for Stephanie’s memorial because those entries were already posted.

I am still working on photos, so please bear with me. Not all of the post are lengthy, but just snap shots of my day. Also, if there are certain things you want to know about my time here or Niger, please leave comments about that. One of our objectives in Niger is to educate people about this country and I want to use this blog as one means to do so. Also, I want people to find value in my entries.

Also, I wrote 50 pages of letters, most responses, this month so watch your mailboxes. (I love that I have so many to respond to.) And, if you didn’t get a letter, you should probably send me one and you’ll get a response.

I want to make this a great blog so I appreciate suggestions from my readers. And other comments are also welcomed.

For now, I must go. I will see you in December, my lovelies.

Ahamdellye (thank God).


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