African Tweets

October 6

Living in a connected life, you plan your online life like your real one. We take pictures with the intent of them being our Facebook profile picture and we are eager to share a great story on our blog. And when you need a suggestion for a car repair man or a good restaurant, the Twitterverse is happy to provide some.

Somewhere during my MSN istant messager phase, I started plotting my screennames when I was far from my computer.

Make sure to be “I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas” I think while showering or walking to class.

As the Internet developed different ways to voice one’s opinion, so did this habit from Facebook statutses to Tweets. My head is programmed to think of up statements about life in 140 characterstics and a friend of high school’s brother told her “Heather Tweets like she talks – a lot.”

Twtter and Africa don’t mix. The Internet connection is never fast enough to keep up and many @ replies have been lost during the large gaps that I am not able to log on. DMs come to my emails, but I decided if someone really wants to say something to me they would use something that allows for more than 140 characters.

Still, my brain hasn’t adjusted to a Twitterless world. I’m constantly coming up with possible tweets.

I saw a giraffe today!

Hostel grab boxes are the best.

After two years of squatting in Niger, I’ll have calves like Joe Mauer.

My tweets are still mundane, but I am sure one of my followers would find it interesting. Maybe


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