A walk in Niger

October 5

Today, I went on a short walk. The following happened to me in a span of 40 minutes:

–    Some boys who I’ve never me called me over by name. I hope for a tea invitation, but the interaction didn’t last longer than 45 seconds.
–    A group of girls inside a concession called me over for the sole purpose of asking a question to laugh at me. A few led me into another concession and ordered me to hold a baby. Baby goats fought near by.
–    After some baby holding, I restarted my journey and enjoyed the sundrenched trees. Two men stopped me and invited me to a random person’s baptism so I followed them
–    The baptism was next to the school, so I stopped to chat with a few teachers, who taught me what to say to the new mother when I visited her. As I got up to go, children playing nearby gathered around me to say Sannu and Bon Jour. Beyond that, we didn’t understand each other so they just stared.
–    As I walked to the house of the new baby, the man who invited me saw me approaching and took me inside. I knew no one in the room but a few knew my name. As I held the precious baby boy, the mother took out a notebook and asked the other women for my name so she could jot it down. I returned the boy to his mother and was given pieces of fried dough. I didn’t have any money to give her, but the mother was just happy for my presence.
–    Once home, I asked my neighbor for a hoe, a task that has taken three days for me to gather the courage to complete, and dug a hole for clap pot that will essentially act as my refrigerator.

This is my life here.


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