A rough day

October 18

These days are tougher than I anticipated. Simple actions require a heap of motivation and my body constantly nags for sleep.

I am easily tripped up. On an hourly basis, I am reminded that I am a stranger here. I don’t have more than acquaintances. I can’t speak the language and it’s entertaining to tease me.

But then the sun goes down and new days begins. More sunrises will come and eventually I’ll be something more than a visitor. At the end of two years, I’ll wonder why this was so hard. Till then, I’ll endure those tough patches with this reality: I want to be here. I really do.


One thought on “A rough day

  1. Heather,

    What amazing stories and experiences you’re having. The life you are living will leave you with lifelong lessons and memories. Thank you for sharing them with your fan club. It sounds like there’s a struggle every day, but that you make it through and with new insight into life each morning. Treasure these unique and challenging experiencies in your life – they only help us grow. We miss you, Heather, but know you’re where you should be in life. Take care, and keep sharing!


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