A walk in Niger 2

October 18

Tales from another short walk:

It’s my routine to walk around the village for a few hours after the 4 p.m. prayer and sunset. Today’s walk was intervened with a storm. Once it quit, the sun lingered enough for me to make a small village appearance.

Around noon, a kid on the street gave me a pot with rice and sauce in it for lunch. I asked where it came from and the kid, whom I didn’t know, said I name I didn’t recognize. Not wanting to be rude, I took the food and was treated to a tasty meal with the intent to find the chef later in the day.

I set out on the manhunt during my afternoon walk and, with no real idea of where I was headed, I went to the spot where the kid stopped me.

I walked past a few hours when a girl motioned to follow her. I lifted up the pot and she nodded. She took me through an alley-like pass between huts and into a house I’ve never seen. The women in the concession greeted me by name and thanked me for eating their food. They didn’t look familiar but most of the faces at this point in my new life run together. They were delighted just to have me in their presence.

As I continued on, I was invited to a concession to hold a baby, as these walks seem to usually progress.

I don’t understand much beyond “ee” (yes) but these walks are my favorite parts of Niger. The erase the bad moments of my day and reassure me I am meant to be here.


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