October 19

It felt good to do something.

Sure, it was just sorting books to hand to students, but it was more than sitting in a chair. It reminded me of hours in T3 before trustees meetings and I didn’t seem to mind the sweltering state of the room.

Once all the students at the CEG had notebooks, I wanted to the premiere school and found a classroom with out a teacher. He was at a meeting in another village and there are barely enough teachers in this country for the day-to-day education let alone for substitutions so the students just sit until the school day is over.

I decided to be of use and picked up a piece of chalk. I thought them how to say “Hello,” “Good Morning,” “How are you?” and “Goodbye” along with the alphabet and 1-10 in English. It didn’t really stick, but they had asked for more. In return, they taught me numbers in Hausa.

Today, I found purpose here and motivation to find purpose.


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