A dream

October 26

A dream I had …

My plane hand landed only hours before a short American visit when I ran two races. I finished last in both.

Still huffing, I ran to the office to pump out a terrible story before deadline.

The next morning, I woke up early to spend a day at another job where nothing good came out of me. After, I swam two races, again finishing last in both.

I got out of the pool and began to cry on the deck. On the final stretch, I could see two people behind me in the five-person race. My coach came up to me and asked why I was crying.

“Because I thought I could do better than that,” I whaled.

“But this doesn’t matter, Heather.”

At this point, two of my Peace Corps friends, Mariah and Mary, approached me.

“Heather, we are worried you are not going to return to Africa.”

“Are you kidding me? Africa brings out the best in me. In Africa, I feel successful and more like myself. Of course I am going back.”

Dreams say the strangest things.


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