You are not as cool as my friends

Before I left, I gushed on this blog about my amazing friends. Well, it’s still very true.

Last night, my friend Amy decided to dedicate her Facebook Profile Picture in honor of me, to show me that show loves me and to see my face during the holiday season. She chose a picture from one particular Saturday afternoon in Downtown Brookings that is one of my favorite memories of all time. Several other of my friends decided to do the same thing, posting photos from random nights in Brookings or Sioux Falls.

I logged on to my Facebook today and started crying. I am blessed to be friends with such amazing people and I miss them terribly. Being away from them is one of the hardest parts of being in Niger, but they are why I am here. The unedning support of my friends and family drove me to follow this dream and helps me wake each day. I love my life because of me them.

I have told all of them this, but since I can’t change my picture to all of them because I only get one space (and my Internet connection is too slow for me to change it at all) they get a blog post. Amy, Jeremy, Melissa, Ethan, Jenna, Lucy, John, Faith, Jason, Christopher and Mom I love you all.


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