Africa wins

November 7

Niger will never let me have a full bad day.

One hour, I’m cursing in a field because I don’t feel well, am stressed about work and the network keeps dropping when all I want is a phone call from my mom.

The next hour, a big-eyed smile from an infant and his welcoming mother bring me to tears and a young, passionate teacher displays motivation for change.

I return home with a flipped attitude and a smile.

Africa, you won again.


2 thoughts on “Africa wins

  1. Love your posts! Hope you’re doing well. It’s now been 3 months since Stephanie’s death and still no word as to what happened. We’ll keep you posted. Love, Kathy

    • Kathy,

      This is Heather’s mom. I just want to tell you how sorry our family is for your loss. Please know that you and Stephanie’s family are in our prayers. Thank you for your continued support of Heather. I know that she was very fond of Stephanie and misses her.

      Take care,
      Shiela Mangan

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