Same, but different

The sun sets the same way in South Dakota. The fiery pink, yellow and orange lights die to the purples and blues of the night sky. The rolling prairie hills are now white, but still littered with billboards, hay bails and small towns.

The lights of Sioux Falls are still the same. Downtown sparkles like something it’s not as you enter from the 10th Street bridge. Inspiration of what the city could be jets out my finger tips after talks with strangers or dear friends. And bartenders and baristas remember know my usuals.

Pierre, although I’ve only been back 12-hours, feels like it always has — a place you go for no longer than a weekend.

The setting is the same, but the experience isn’t. Some of my relationships are stronger than ever and the ones that were so-so are nothing more than a casual hug and hello now. At times, it was like I never left. At others, I’d been gone for years.

It is right and awkward at the same moment. I find comfort yet feel like a stranger. I changed but am still the same person.

I wonder if after my full service things would feel completely different and it would be easier to adjust than this in between. Maybe, but that’s not what happened.

Things are the same, but different. I am the same, but different.

Discsuss, please

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