Stars – The Archives

While looking for another document, I found this piece that I wrote in Egypt. I still believe it’s true.

I never noticed how many stars dotted the sky till I moved to Niger.

Without electricity, the stars were allowed to fulfill their purpose and light the world. Some nights, my entertainment was to stare into the sparkly sea and wonder about the world.

The stars brought comfort after a particular hard day. I wasn’t sure how well my integration was going and if I would, or even could, fit in to this small village. Just days after my first Christmas away from home, I felt the tug of my old frienemie loneliness.

Sitting in my chair made of metals and bright-colored string, I sipped tea, listened to Mumford & Sons and sought meaning in the stars. After three cups and all my favorite tunes, I remembered the blessings of that life and how, even on my toughest days, I was truly happy.

Roughly a month later, I was staring at the same sky, this time from the eastern side of the continent, looking for that reassurance. With my traveling buddies — Vida, Kimie, Casey and Brian — and a bottle of wine along the beach of the Red Sea, I felt a sense of piece that I hadn’t since leaving Niger. Looking up, I hoped those were the same set of stars that comforted me that chilly night in Dantchiao. They were.

Even though my life feels like a mess and the future is so uncertain, I am incredibly thankful for that experience and that my path includes beautiful people and beautiful places. From that night in Dantchiao to the one in Dahab, when not much seems clear, the stars told me one thing — I will be OK.

No matter where I go from here and the choices that lay ahead, if the stars still shine, then I know I am on the right path.


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