A conversation with Life

I pick up a glass and throw it across the room. It misses Life’s swollen head by inches and shatters with anger.

“This is not fair,” I scream at him.

“It’s not supposed to be,” he replies.

I fold in half and tremble with tears.

“I had a plan. I had a good life. I don’t deserve this,” I say through sobs.

“Yeah, well, plans change,” he says, not hiding his cockiness.

“Why? Why couldn’t you just let me be? Why couldn’t you just let me have what I wanted?”

“Because you don’t know what you want.”

2 thoughts on “A conversation with Life

  1. I don’t think life knows what he’s talking about.

    I think you know what you want. I think you’ve always known what you’ve wanted. But just like anyone that takes a beating in their passion of choice, you begin to question if that’s really what you’re meant to do. That’s not indecision. That’s basic human insecurity (and logic!).

    But more importantly, sometimes what we think we want isn’t the best thing for us. Sometimes life has a better way of figuring that out than we do. You may never understand why you were removed from Africa…but that’s because it’s impossible to know what could have happened if you stayed.

    You WANT to be a volunteer. You said it yourself. It courses through your veins like your lifeblood. THAT is what you want. Right now, you attach that to Niger, because that’s the first and only place you really got to feel at home as a volunteer. Not necessarily because that was right for you, or your destiny. You’ve simply not known any place else.

    You’ll be a volunteer again. And you’ll love that place and that feeling just as you loved Niger. I’d bet my (future) JD on it. At the base of everything, it matters not the location, but merely your ability to exercise that passion of yours– volunteering. Helping others.

    That’s not indecision at all. Tell life he can shut the hell up. 🙂

  2. Roxy, you are amazing. And I’ll bet my next Peace Corps assignment on the fact that you will be an amazing lawyer who will bring much good to the world. Thank you.

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