The Year of Persistence

A friend recently emailed me about The Year of Persistence.

For the last few years, he had given each year a theme based on his attitude on Dec. 31. There was The Year of Boldness, The Year of Focus and The Year of Distance. Not even halfway through 2011, he declared it The Year of Persistence.

“We have to adjust back to America, without a job or any clear future ahead of us,” he said. “But we must press on. We must stay strong. We must be persistent and stay committed to what we want to achieve. Now more than ever it’s difficult not to get discouraged. But persistence can help.”

Lately my attitude has sucked. After a recent breakdown I’ve realized how whiny and crabby I’ve become over this situation, which is really minor compared to the real problems of this world. This may not be what I expected, but that doesn’t mean I have a free pass to be snappy and bumming.

Instead, it allows me to be persistence.

Persistence is a pretty remarkable skill, but it doesn’t have to be chore. Through persistence, we grow stronger and focused. In that time of persistence, we learn about ourselves and what we are capable of.

This is my Year of Persistence. I didn’t choose it, but I can take advantage of it. Instead of grumbling and bawling through the hurdles, I’ll flex my muscles and float about them and relish in the opportunity to be persistence.

Not every year will be about persistence, but this one is. If I don’t embrace it, I may not be able to get through the other years.

So I am persisting, and wearing a smile. Here’s to The Year of Persistence.


3 thoughts on “The Year of Persistence

  1. I’ve been whiny a lot lately too, and then I try to remind myself that my biggest problems are hauling the laundry to the in-laws (where we can do laundry for free) and having too much stuff. First world problems to be sure. We all need to vent and break down now and then, and you certainly deserved it, but I’m glad to see you happier again.

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