We are South Dakota

I haven’t eaten a decent meal in two weeks. Coffee keeps me up and beer puts me to sleep. My last day off was the day I ran a half marathon.

But, the most intense feeling is guilt. Guilt for feeling tired. Guilt for not doing more.

I feel like an inadequate journalist and an inadequate human being.

Exhaustion is a permanent state as we prepare for more and, evenutally, this will be the new normal.

But, I am a South Dakotan, we are South Dakotans. We don’t give up. We always keep fighting because we don’t know it any differently.

Please, pray hard for this community. These people need it. My hometown will never be the same.

I will be back to write more about this experience but I just needed to let a few words escape during the few spare moments I have. If you unaware of what I am mean, visit http://www.capjournal.com. It’s all right there.


4 thoughts on “We are South Dakota

  1. Heather

    Hope it’s not as bad as predicted. My thoughts are with you. You are strong and courageous. So glad people have you working for them. Amanda Greslin Bacon a j grad a couple of years before you is also helping. I so admire the spirit of my former students.

  2. I wonder lot’s of things whille bagging sand…. like what is the avereage weight of a bag… how many bags per hour are the volunteers producing… but worst of all is I hope it’s all not for naught… I hear they are not running the power plants at full capacity… can this be confirmed? if so it’s a real shame, we are flushing all that energy down the toilet.

  3. Can’t produce more energy than can be used. There isn’t a storage capacity, and without a large energy user nearby they are pretty limited. Other companies aren’t going to be willing to shut down their energy production because there is a surplus @ Oahe. Lots of havoc will ensue.

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