The Flood & I

I know that I have groaned on and on about this flood, but it’s still been a remarkable time. The Capital Journal’s website traffic reached 1 million views last month, single-copy sales nearly doubled and our social media insights increased by percents in the thousands. Most of all, we gained a level of respect from the community for our breaking and thorough coverage. Not bad for a staff of four with less than 10 years of journalism experienced combined.

In celebration, I thought I would post some products of all those long days and Subway Veggie-Delights (with pepper jack, no dressing). You guys like to read my byline, right? Wink, wink. Anyway, I won’t win any Pultizers for these pieces but I am proud of them.

My series on southeast Pierre and the buyout

Part 1: “Cities update sewers since 1997

Part 2: “Empty lots abundant in southeast Pierre

Part 3: “Searching for a new ‘normal’ in southeast Pierre”

My first series, before the releases were increased and the communities went into flood-mode

Part 1: “Gates open, more water coming”

Part 2: “Water approaches record in Lake Oahe

Part 3: “High water may affect summer in Pierre”

Other favorites

“Hundreds report to help cause”

“Homeless with house payment”

“Marion’s Garden builds up”

“Mayors battle river for cities”

“Thune tours Frontier Road”

“USGS: The real numbers guys”

Photo courtesy of Austin Kaus, The Mitchell Daily Republic.

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