Blogging in Lesotho

Dear readers,

We had  have a great and eventful ride, haven’t we? In the 14+ months that I’ve been dumping my error-ridden emotional dribble on to these page, the craziest year of my life developed, making for some semi-interesting posts. Blogging has been really good to me. It’s connected me to people all over the world, many more than I ever imagined would read this blog which means someone other than my mother (love you, mom).  It’s also allowed me to keep track of this influential time in case that book contract every homes. (ha!). But, I can tell that, at least with my reporting writing) I’ve developed as a writer (still not wonderful).

As I prepare for Lesotho, I am looking at a way to develop it more. More pictures and video, sure, but I always say that don’t I? I want to put more of my writing on here as well an make it Heather Mangan-inclusive site.

Before I go crazy, does anyone out there having any suggestions for the blog? Should I incorporate more life/idea posts or stick to the Peace Corps stuff? In the end, it’s my decision but I love feedback (typing with a smile.)

Also, don’t be surprised by more visual changes. I get bored easily.

Ta ta for now,



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