A good person

Yeah, I know, I’ve blogged a lot today. Well, I guess it was a bloggy day.

A few times in the two or three years, someone has looked me in the eye and said “I am not sorry.” They knew that their actions hurt me, but my emotions were overridden. They did or said what they had to do and it’s my own fault if I it seared my sensitive feelings.

I made a promise to myself that I would never be like that, I would never disregard someone else’s feelings for my own satisfaction or to avoid my wrongdoing. I don’t always keep that promise and sometimes I am hurtful. I am not always a good person.

I guess this is on my mind because I am leaving soon and it’s the bruised feelings that often define a relationship. Sometimes it really bothers me the friendships that have died over the years and I often ridicule myself for why they did go astray. It’s not healthy, but I can’t break the habit.

I want to be a good person but I fail most of the time. I won’t stop trying, though. At the end of my life, all I want and dream about is one person saying “She was a good person.”



4 thoughts on “A good person

  1. Heather Mangan. You are one of the best people I know. I have no idea why you would think you’re failing at being a good person on any level. You brighten any life you touch. When humanity is trying its hardest to bring me doubt, I can think of you and know that it is worth pressing on. For every bad thing that happens, every selfish and hurtful decision, there are people like you that keep us afloat. You do not fail at being a good person. You define it.

  2. I cannot say it better than Roxy did. Heather, you inspire me to be a better person. I am truly honored to be your friend, and I can’t wait to see how else you’ll better the world.

  3. Dear Heather,

    You are a spectacular person. At the end of your life I will say only positive things. Everyone says things once and a while they don’t mean — or maybe they do mean them. That doesn’t make them a bad person for letting that sentence come out of their mouth.
    It just means they are human.

    You are a good person, Heather. A very good person.

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