Most mornings, I go for a run or go to the gym to earn that satisfying sweat. Some days, though, you wake up in  a strange mode and you know if you are going to get through the day you have to make a change.

This morning, I needed calm, a break from all the worry and anxiety that fills my head. Yoga is good at combating that, so is natural light and the sounds of a summer day. I moved my mat out to our deck, closed my eyes and just went with it. I connected to my body and tried to shut everything else out, to focus on that moment.

Also today, I ended a week-long Twitter fast. My irritation with the social media site has been building for months, but after I received a lecture via a passive aggressive blog post on what I should and should not Tweet I decided to log off until I wasn’t angry anymore. It took a few days but I continued with my absence because things on social media shouldn’t upset me so but they do. In order to break that co-dependency, a break was needed.  Although I still logged on to Facebook, I took a short break from that as well and deleted apps for both sites from my phone.

I have two months left in this country and my time will be spent with the people in front of me. Social media is often times really fun and great, but staring at a screen is not living. (see?) So, I am going to try to lay off social media for the next few months and really focus on the relationships in front of me. Twitter and Facebook will be there in Africa, but beers with these friends will not.

Blogging, though, I will keep at it.



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