My mom and I went searching for dining room chairs this morning and furniture stores have an interesting affect on me. By carefully choosing the color and material combinations, you can dictate what type of personality you have. Maybe it’s the marketing of furniture stores, but the idea of being simple over country or classic over modern allows you to actually believe that by purchasing a new sofa, a few throw rugs, a couple of lamps and assortment of wall hangings you can decide who you are going to be.

Furniture stores represent stability. In order to buy furniture, you have to have a place to put it. And having a place means that you are in one place for a given amount of time. I don’t have that type of stability. I feel more like a vagabond. I don’t have a place of my own and it will be some time before I am in the need for real furniture.

It’s funny, a few years ago I did have furniture. I had a nice living room and kitchen set. I had pictures on the wall and little accessories that collectively described me. When I had those things, I want this life. One that was ambivalent and constantly changing. Although I wouldn’t trade this state of living on the edge of the next adventure, I do think about the other life, the one with furniture and my own place. But that furnished apartment will come again. This point in my life is for ambiguity and instability.


P.S. If you are not on the home page, go there and look at the web address. That’s right. I am no longer a WordPress lackey. is official. You can still get to the site through the, but is the default address now. I feel cool.

And, did I tell you all that I was on medical hold yet again? Well, I was but am no longer. All of the Lesotho invitees needed Yellow Fever shots two weeks prior to entering the country. I had one prior to Niger so I am good to go. It was just a pain to see yet another medical block, but everything should be in order. Less than two months now.


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