OK, I didn’t take this photo and it is not Instagam. It actually came from here. But it does have something to do with my day.

It has been an utterly terrible day. From work to my personal life, nothing seems to go right. I suppose that you have those days once in a while.

Things did perk up when I found this amazing album, “Muppets: The Green Album”. It’s renditions of some of the most popular Muppets song performed by amazing bands. It fills my heart with joy. As the author of the article said: “The kids who grew up with them are now adults and want to give back. We live in cynical times, but listening to The Green Album is a nice reminder of the joy and beauty that remains.”

Then, there is the new Muppets movie, from which the above photo was taken from. It looks purely magical.

But it’s the kind of day where even a silly movie upsets me. I won’t be here to see it. Of course, this is about more than just a movie. Knowing you are going to miss out on things sucks, even more so when you can’t make people understand why. I made this choice, I know, and I’ve made it twice, but the feeling that you will be forgotten doesn’t go away. It’s still there and it actually feels more present this time, as if it is already happening.

Some days are good and some are bad. This is just a bad one. My dad called me at lunch and I told him about the absolutely terrible day at work I had.

“Some days, you are going to go 0-for-4. But, you are the kind of person where tomorrow you will go 4-for-0.”

Today doesn’t predict tomorrow and I am sure life will turn up. Until it does, I will use the Muppets as to remind me beauty and joy do exist.

One thought on “Nineteen

  1. Heather, no matter where you go or what you do, you will not be forgotten. Even now as we’re preparing the guest room for you, I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures in Africa. I also need to get my “Stuff for Heather” box ready again. You have a wall of people that could never in a million years forget about you. Ever. And your dad’s right. You’re going to make tomorrow so amazing, because that’s what you do.

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