Twenty two

This week’s food post is my standard breakfast: granola, blueberries and yogurt. I never really liked yogurt before, but since I’ve been home, I eat it daily. And this granola comes from the farmers’ market and is delicious.

When my friend Kate recently moved she made a bucket list (she got the idea from this lovely blog) for the town she and her husband were leaving. So, borrowing her idea, I thought I would make a bucket list for America, but because I am always thinking about my next meal, it will be foods that I must consume before I am no longer in the land of milk and honey or the full and plenty.

I should be losing weight for my brother’s wedding, but I had food dreams the last time I was in Africa so I need to stock up for the next two years. A few extra pounds is worth the deliciousness.

Also, food is better with friends, so I wouldn’t mind some company knocking a few of these off.

1)   A Grandma Emma from Zesto

2)   Popcorn from Bob’s

3)   Coffee and my journal at Pier 347

4)   Sweet potato fries and a large Boulevard from Pub 34

5)   An IPA from Monk’s

6)   Tabouli and a fatayer from Sanaa’s

7)   A veggie sub and salt and vinegar chips from the Pickle Barrel

8)   Black coffee and a monster cookie from Queen City Bakery

9)   Cucumber and avocado rolls from Tokyo OR Sushi Masa

10)  A mocha or tea from Michelle’s

11)  Deep fried pickles, popcorn and a beer from O’Hares

12)  Veggie enchiladas, margaritas and enormous amount of chips and salsa in New Mexico

13)  Cupcakes and coffee in Omaha

14)  My own tabouli

15)  Reese’s Pieces

16)  Grilled cheese

17)  Greek salad

18)  Nachos

19)  Garlic bread

20)  Veggie lasagna

I am sure there is more, but I need to limit myself so I can fit on the airplane. Also, maybe I will Instgram and blog about these as I cross them off. It could be my followup to the Instagram project. Look at me, being a blogger.


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