Twenty nine

Shortly before the big E, my car sold. We had it on the market for a while, but it finally sold, giving me a bit of money to help with student loan debt. Then, I was forced home in the middle of winter and no way to get around. This was not fun during the bitter cold and snow, but during the summer I’ve adopted my mother’s scooter as my mode of transportation. It’s not always the most practical vehicle, especially with a rainy summer and the need to transport heavy cameras for my job. I’ve been known to drive in a rain storm, with a camera around my neck or a six-pack between my legs on my way home after a long day. But, the wind acts as a natural blow dryer and it’s less than $5 to fill it up. The only real downside of not having a vehicle is the inability to pick up and visit friends on the other side of the state whenever I so chose. Still, I really like not having a vehicle and that will play a part in my decision of location post-Peace Corps.

Discsuss, please

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