Vacation Replay: Bon Iver

Hello, all,

So le blog has been a bit quiet the last couple of weeks. For my Twitter followers/Facebook friends, you are probably happy to not see my automated posts clog your feeds. The rest of you, though, I like to pretend that you do a happy dance with each new post. Too optimistic?

Anyway, I am down to three weeks, just three. As I go back and forth from packing, tying up loose-ends and having daily panic attacks, I plan to blog pretty regularly. It’s therapeutic. Also, it serves history as a recording device. I am pretty sure these posts will one day end up in the Library of Congress, or at least be of value. Again, too optimistic? Whatever. I am still going to post tales of my last hoo-rah in ‘Merica.

My 10-day vagabonding started with an early morning trip to Sioux Falls and a day with Kieara, eating and shopping (two big themes of this trip). We also rocked a decoupage project. It was innocent fun.

The next day, I was interviewed for the newspaper (more on that later), had coffee with John and lunch with Lucy. At the afternoon’s end, Lee and I caravanned to Council Bluffs to see Bon Iver. Of all the musicians living, Bon Iver was at the top of my list to see live. It was an item crossed off the bucket list. They did not disappoint. It was beautiful music under a star-dusted sky. It was purely magical. Also, Lee is one of the best people to see shows with.

These are pictures from the show as well as the video for my favorite Bon Iver song. Enjoy, and more to come.


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