Vacation Replay: New Mexico

After the Bon Iver show, I crossed the state border into Omaha and spent the night with Kate and Cy. Because it was late and we had to get up early for my flight, we had to cap the catching up time, but there will be more about them in the next post. They kindly took me to the airport the next morning and I passed through five states, four airports and three time zones for a reunion with my dear friend Amy.

Amy and I went to college together and she moved to New Mexico shortly after her graduation to live with her soon-to-be-husband. Their wedding is one of the major life events I will miss during the next two years, so I thought a trip to visit could make up for one percent of the suckiness of missing the wedding. We had a wonderful time. We drank wine and ate a lot of Mexican food. We watched Glee and gossiped about old friends. I also spent time with Kevin and his parents, who are sweet people and have the best yard in all of Las Cruces. Kevin’s mom even took me to the farmer’s market, which is apparently the best in the world. We also went to White Sands National Monument, which is an exact replica of South Dakota in the winter, and Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, where my hippy tendencies are part of the norm.

It was a fantastic few days and so very calming and reassuring to see my old friend again. Old friends are honestly the best thing for the soul and Amy, in general, is just good for the soul. Anyone who knows her would agree.


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