Vacation Replay: Omaha

The next leg of my trip brought me to Omaha to visit my old friends Kate and Cy. I met them when I lived in Idaho and, although my time there was short and sometime ago, we’ve stayed in contact over these years, especially while I was in Africa. I really wanted to visit them before I leave again and, with the flights to New Mexico, the timing slipped into place.

It was almost as if three hasn’t elapsed. Kate and I had coffee dates and cupcakes. We browsed through stores in the Old Market and spent an appropriate amount of time staring at cheeses in Trader Joe’s for our wine and cheese dinner. We visited the zoo and I nearly suffered a heart attack from a mischievous gorilla. I feasted on Kate’s incredible cooking and, more importantly, caught up with my dear friends. It was the kind of time spent with lovely people that makes you feel confident in your choice of friends.


One thought on “Vacation Replay: Omaha

  1. I’m so glad you came to visit! It always amazes me how the people we were sort of thrown together with in a little town in Idaho have become such crucial parts of our lives. 🙂

    I replenished my stock of international stamps yesterday, so I am all ready to start sending letters to Africa again!

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