changes to le blog


As you can see, I have changed my blog appearance for the umpteenth time. Well, I can’t find one that I honestly love and I am not in the wealth or talent department to buy or design one. So, we are going to stick with changing it every so often with the free themes WP offers. You like changes, right? Right?

These recent changes were made to give my blog a fresh, comprehensive makeover before I head back to Africa and don’t have the bandwidth or patience to change it. Maybe it will stay this way for a few years. Maybe.

I added several things and with the former theme it looked funky so I found one that was more appropriate for more pages. Also, I missed my side bar.

Usually, I hate blog with banners of cheesy photos. However, even with the photos I added, my blog seemed so text heavy. I needed to counter act it with something and I liked this theme enough to make it work. Although, I hate how big the photo is, but we’ll work with it.

OK, on to what you can find on my blog:

The photo – The main picture will rotate between a few photos, all of which are mine. I really like sky shots because they represent possibility, so that is why I included two: one with the clouds and another with trees. The grass one represents my prairie upbringing and the African one, well, represents Africa.

press – Under the ‘about’ tab you will find a ‘press’ page that includes all the great stories people wrote about me. Well, not all of them, only the ones I could find online.

mail in Lesotho – Under the ‘contact’ tab you will find a ‘mail in Lesotho’ page that includes on you can converse with me while I am in Lesotho.

my peace corps story – Because most of the posts that you will read in the next two years will be about my Peace Corps service, I included a page that describes how I got there. There is also a ‘timeline’ tab that puts the whole roller coaster into chronological order.

writing – This page includes some of my reporting writing from the last few years. You know, in case you aren’t sick of reading my babble. Or, you want to give me a job in two years.

OK, well those are the major changes and I may be making more before I leave (two weeks!). I just want to create a blog that is more comprehensive, but that leaves you all wondering if you clicked on the right blog. Yes, this is the right blog, unless you want to read about something interesting and fascinating.

Enough for today. Promise.


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