You can make lefse anytime of the year

I know what you are thinking, that is unusually long blog post title. Well, we are getting a bit wacky over here today.

Anyway …

The best part of leaving in October is that I get to experience some pieces of fall, such as runs with the fresh autumn air, wearing tights and inhaling anything pumpkin flavored. The worst part of fall is that it is a tease for things that I will miss. You know, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year.

It’s not fun to miss holidays, birthdays or random fun nights and, thanks to Facebook’s photo tagging capabilities, there is a constant reminder of “You were not here.” What hurts most is the big stuff, the weddings and babies.

To make up for those things, you improvise. One of my dear friends is getting married next year and I will miss it, so I decided to visit her. It’s not as good as being there, but that’s why we have photos and video cameras. This weekend, we went over to some family friends’ to make lefse. We spend Thanksgivings with them and they always have a big lefse-making party a week or so before the holiday. Since I won’t be there, we had a small one and they taught me how to roll and flip lefse. Even though it wasn’t Thanksgiving, I sure ate like it was.

Truth is, I could have left in June or July and been overseas already. I didn’t because of my brother’s wedding. My only requirement of re-enrollment is that I be here October 8, and I will. So, I have to miss a few extra birthdays and holidays, but to be here that day is worth it. For the big stuff, there are no improvisations.

Discsuss, please

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