Food Bucket List

So, yesterday I wrote all about my changed view of food. Today, I am going to write about pre-fast: eating myself into a comma that required a fast to get out.

Don’t judge me. Please.

A few weeks ago, I posted my bucket food list. I crossed most off and have photos to prove it. I also had some great help. Come along on this yummy journey.

1)   A Grandma Emma from Zesto

2)   Popcorn from Bob’s/The Crossing

3)   Coffee and my journal at Pier 347

4)   Sweet potato fries and a large Boulevard from Pub 34

5)   An IPA from Monk’s

6)   Tabouli and a fatayer from Sanaa’s

Saturday morning buffet

7)   A veggie sub and salt and vinegar chips from the Pickle Barrel

8)   Black coffee and a monster cookie from Queen City Bakery

9)   Cucumber and avocado rolls from Tokyo OR Sushi Masa


10)  A mocha or tea from Michelle’s

Mary made me a star. She is great.

11)  Deep fried pickles, popcorn and a beer from O’Hares

Nothin like a Jacks' win with a side of fried pickels

12)  Veggie enchiladas, margaritas and enormous amount of chips and salsa in New Mexico

Ate a lot of these too

13)  Cupcakes and coffee in Omaha

14)  My own tabouli

15)  Reese’s Pieces

16)  Grilled cheese

17)  Greek salad

18)  Nachos

19)  Garlic bread

20)  Veggie lasagna

Kate dinners are the best


2 thoughts on “Food Bucket List

  1. Annette, thanks for coming to my blog! It was a grave oversight, but I will get that garlic bread in somehow 🙂 Maybe a meal all its own. Thanks for reading!

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