One week


This is Micah. Last night, he performed at a Sioux Falls comedy club and, to be honest, he killed it. I am not sure I stopped laughing through his five-minute set. I’m not being biased either, the entire room was bursting with giggles. It’s fun to watch friends follow their passions.

Last night, I made a quick trip to Sioux Falls to see Micah’s routine and hand out the last goodbyes. It was a regular Tuesday night but felt like magic.

On my way home, though, a thought occurred to me. It’s time. According to the calendar  I have just seven days left, but I feel it in my heart that it’s time. I am ready. Doubt is still present but anything good in life comes with apprehension.

So, here we are. Standing at the beginning of what may be the second craziest week of 2011 and of my life. All good things, though. Between getting a sister and preparing for departure, I’ll be busy but I plan to check in a few times before I leave.

It’s gonna be a week of new beginnings and goodbyes. Of love and friendship. And, mostly, a week of celebration. Let’s get to it.




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