An update!


Finally, a blog update. This is literally the second time I’ve been near a computer since landing in Lesotho. It will be a compressed update, but at least an update.

We arrived well and happy in Maseru nearly a month ago. OUr group of 23 – four men and 19 females – were divided into villages and I was assigned to a sweet little village, Makola, with seven others. We left the airport in while SUVs and arrived in a village shortly after. A group of screaming children greeted us and sang and danced us into welcome.

We were the assigned to families and I was given the sweetest ‘m’e, or mother. It is just her and I and she treats me so well. We love to laugh together.

When not with my ‘m’e, I’ve been in training. Only three weeks left! We do the same medical and safety training I did in Niger, but our technical training is more intense. We just wrapped two weeks of micro-teaching, meaning we subbed in for a normal teacher in order to get comfortable in a classroom of 80 Basotho (the name given to people living in Lesotho). My sessions went really well and I am excited to start practicing teaching in a few weeks, which means I have my own class that I see every day and can work off of their progression.

Yesterday, our sites were announced and I learned that I will be going to the Maseru District,in the rural village of Nazareth. It’s a very small school with great potential. I will be teaching 8th, 9th and 11th grade English. I am very excited to meet with my students and see what fun we can create.

This week, I will be visiting my site and meeting my teachers. My house doesn’t have electricity or running water but my school does, so expect more blog posts soon!

Lesotho is absolutely breathtaking. The people are incredibly giving and king, and they have the best voices I’ve ever heard. I am really in love with this place and have not doubted coming here since I got on the plane.

I apologize for a short update, but there will be more – I have written at least 100 pages in my journal that I hope to transform into posts. I will get a new address soon and plan to update that when I can. Otherwise, mail is wonderful (hint, hint) and I’m close to the airport if anyone wants to visit (again, hint, hint.)

Love and peace,


One thought on “An update!

  1. Heather,
    It is great to hear of your wonderful beginning to service in Lesotho. I wish you well and hope that your teaching experience is all you had hoped for. Sounds as if things are moving quite rapidly for you. Take care of yourself and keep writing those journal pages. You will need them for our book!!!!

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