Ke pheela hamonite (I feel peaceful)

Greetings, my lovely readers. Have you missed me? I certainly missed you.

For the first time in what seems like years, I am pounding away on my computer. Not some ancient computer at an internet café, but my dirty white Macbook. It’s a piece of heaven. I also have this snazzy new modem that, although not fast, allows me to get online as long I as I have the computer battery. I have photos shut off on my browser and I won’t be up on the latest YouTube sensations, but I can email, read the news and blog.

So, what is new? I guess with nearly two months of silence on the ol’ WP, a lot. Tomorrow, we are wrapping up seven days of practice teaching. We convinced some students to let us trainees teach them, despite that it is there summer break. Some days, I left class with a huge smile and a chunk confidence. Others, I barely made it out the door with out bursting into tears. Either way, I’ve grown as a teacher and I am excited to start next January.

A few weeks ago, I visited my new home in Nazareth. The school is extremely small, less than 70 students in five forms, or grades. The teachers are mostly older commutes from Maseru. The village is small and rural but the people are genuine and sweet. I’ll live in a rondaval, that looks like a small cottage or something a hobbit would live in. The previous volunteer left covers of TIME and Newsweek on the wall, so it’s already starting to feel like home.

And it will be my home soon. On Monday, our group, ED 12, will swear in and become the newest members of Peace Corps Lesotho. Although a very important part of the Peace Corps service, I am really ready to be done with training and am very thankful it was only eight weeks compared to the 11 in Niger. The training villages (we are spread throughout three communities) are planning a huge celebration and it should be a glorious day.

Other than that, life is good in Lesotho. It is getting warm here as summer approaches and the stores are covered in holiday décor. I do miss home at this time of year, though. Christmas always makes me a little more homesick.

Well, that is all for now but I do promise more soon when I am at my site (late next week). If you think of it, I would love to hear from loved ones at home. I miss you guys.

Salla hantle (stay well).

3 thoughts on “Ke pheela hamonite (I feel peaceful)

  1. Hooray! Blogging! Your christmas present from NM should be on its way to you today or tomorrow. Sorry if you don’t get it in time for Christmas. Maybe I’ll be better with time next year (probably not)

  2. Glad to read how you are doing this “second time around”. I agree that it is good when PST is over and official swearing in occurs. Isn’t it amazing to be doing that twice?? Good luck with teaching. I’ve had my challenges as well, here in Armenia, but there are enough good days to make the less rewarding ones fade with time. Would love to hear more of what Lesotho is like, climate, terrain, people and the language. Good Luck and congratulations on reaching swear-in.

  3. You have no idea how excited reading updates make me. Only a couple more days of training until you start to melt my heart with tales of your adventure. I’m proud of you girl–way to go! Tsamea Hantle.

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