Resolution: Be a better blogger

Now, in the new year, I am making it a vow to continue my Third Goal awesomeness and blog as much as possible as a way to record and educate. It’s my plan to blog about three to four times a week, that way you have plenty to read but I am not bogging down your Google Readers.

To do as the title of this post suggests, I would like your input. If there is anything specific you want to know about Lesotho, Peace Corps or my service, please leave a comment and I will try to turn the answer into a blog post. You, my readers, are great and I want to make you happy and provide content to you that is more interesting than emotional dribble I will do it. Eventually, I hope to create a cheat sheet for all the Sesotho words I use to clear up confusion.

One thing to note: This blog represents my opinions and views and in no way reflects those of the U.S. Peace Corps. Also, remember that I am not only a representative of my employer but also of the country I serve. Any grievances that I may have with my agency or country, and it is natural to have them, will not be indicated so on this blog.

Thank you to all my readers for the support throughout the last year and hanging on while I slowly determine my plan. Thank you for your comments, retweets, emails, likes and just mere presence on this blog. Seriously, it means the world to me.

To a joyous New Year,



2 thoughts on “Resolution: Be a better blogger

  1. Hey Heather
    You’ve set a high standard for yourself, posting 3-4 times per week!!! Can’t even imagine that schedule with all that goes on, but good for you if you can do it. I look forward to the posts. Just a nit-picking detail and I may be off base, but, I think blogger is spelled with 2 g’s rather than 1. If so, a correction would be in order. If not, you have my apologies for butting in!! Happy New Year or in Armenia we say, “Shnorhavor nor tari”! Judy

  2. Hi, Judy
    Thanks for the note and pointing out the error. I love writing but I’ll be the first to admit that I need an editor. It is now correct. Also, WordPress sends an email with year and stats and you are my top commentor. Thanks and hope all is well in Armenia.

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